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Hut on the Roof Concept

Modular Add- On Stories

As a leading firm in design of additional stories on existing structures, Helsinki based Office Aito Architecture is presenting its new concept for added extra stories "Hut on the Roof". Aiming to help Housing Co-Ops fund expensive renovations we have designed am easy step-by-step ready process for building new stories on existing buildings. As a joint venture with the innovation agency TEKES, we have created a way to quickly and easily build more on already existing plots in the city. By constructing stunning new structures onto the old, we give the old house a new look. Inspired by urban cityscapes, our designs emphasize simplistic beauty, quality and purpose. We’re passionate about what we do and know that what matters most is the vision of our clients. Get in touch to learn more about our prefabricated, quality controlled, quick-assembly Hut on the Roof - added stories, and what we can do for you and your housing company.

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